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If you just can't stick to the same, old, boring workout then you've come to the right place. Sunny is a certified, award-winning Professional Fitness Trainer specializing in healthy, unique, and (most importantly) FUN workouts.

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  • M.A.T. Jumpstart Evaluation

    The goal of Jumpstart is to achieve a more balanced, symmetrical, bi-lateral alignment of joints. This is achieved through low-force isometric exercises. MAT will find out where the body displays positions of vulnerability and/or weakness.
  • BodyManagement

    The Body Manager is the complete plan for every individual who desires to finally take control of their weight and health but who in the past has been armed with only a desire, not a plan, to accomplish that goal. With my help, that desire becomes a reality.
  • Rebounding Exercise

    The movement up and down on a rebounder makes it easier on the heart while improving circulation to the brain and other extremities. Because it’s weight bearing, it can strengthen the heart and collateral vessels without the ballistic impact associated with typical aerobic activities.
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding

    Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a no-impact sport that will positively effect you mentally, physically and emotionally. No experience necessary. Stand-Up Paddle Surfing is easier than surfing and you are guaranteed to learn!
Say goodbye to flab stomach and untoned body."


    Sunny is very knowledgeable in the way the body muscles etc work, and is wonderful when it comes to 'fixing' a problem (mine is my rotator in the shoulder). I can do so much more than when I first started with her and am now pain free. Sunny is also a very good motivator and encourages me to put in that extra bit of effort into my routines. I would recommend her to anyone that is considering a trainer. Great Trainer and very professional.
    I wanted to thank you for all your encouragement and motivation. Training with you has been an amazing experience. Fun, educational and inspiring. I have had great success with the skills you have taught me and I am able to follow through with those skills in my home on the road or at the gym. Your program can lead anyone to better health, posture and knowledge both with food and in the body building field.
    Nichole Geisser
    I want to let you know how grateful I am for all you've done for me. I didn't think I would feel this good again. Your knowledge and expertise have greatly improved my physique,posture and energy level. Also my joint problems are much improved. My wife who has been training with you for eleven years made me start training with you. I'm thankful.
    I thank you so much for introducing me to weight training and stressing the importance of muscle work. You are EXTREMELY knowledgable and highly motivating and I have been learning a great deal from you about posture and focusing on the individual muscle and especially good form while doing each exercise.
    Amy Lee Ellowitz
    Thanks again for the photos, but more importantly, for the great progress you have helped me achieve in so little time. I am committed to continuing to invest in my strength training.
    Margriet Remond